About the Blog

I recently stumbled into a beautiful part of the city that I never go to. I was thrown off my routine, but the experience was refreshing. So I wondered what might happen if I tried something different every day for a month, and then reflected out loud. Maybe even pray a little too. Thus, this 30 day blog was born.

About You

I could use your help. I need suggestions for new places to go, new things to see, and new experiences to have. Or, at least, different places, things, and experiences. I’d also appreciate comments and thoughts, if you’re willing.

About Me

Native Oklahoman, raised Texan, accidental Washingtonian. I like wine, I love the beach, and I try to pet as many dogs outside grocery stores as I can. I am a firm believer in the serial comma, but I hold all other views with humility. I am drawn to what makes this life beautiful, meaningful, and worth making hard choices, and therefore what is true. I am spiritual. About that I am most humble.


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