Day 3 – Unexpectedly Good Coffee


I discovered this gem by accident. A few Sundays ago we were driving through the leafy, sleepy side streets of Logan, when I noticed a corner bar in the midst of a residential section. It was simple, spartan, and charming. Later I learned it was a coffee bar. The Coffee Bar in fact.

TCB converted an old neighborhood market into a coffee joint a year and a half ago. But it was new to me. So it was a natural pick for something different. 


My friend took his black, while I waited for a latte. Cheeky signs perch atop the wide, sturdy sea foam green espresso maker. “This bitch is crazy” caught my eye. The vibe was relaxed, though, for a place that slings caffeine in uptight, button-down DC.

The latte, most importantly, was good. Really good.

I was reminded that there are simple, good things that make my day when they are crafted and savored with attention. How much time and money have I wasted at Starbucks? This creamy, tart goodness was waiting for me the whole time, tucked away at the corner of 12th and S.

I could go even further, drinking and savoring more coffee. I could learn to taste the bold, subtle differences. There’s this whole world of flavor already there. I just have to discover it.

That’s got to be an invitation to some kind of spiritual experience. It’s like something lingers just below the level of routine awareness, waiting to be tasted and enjoyed. The question is whether or not I’ll slow down and take the time to savor it.


P.S. I found this WaPo article about TBC and the growing third wave coffee movement in DC. This blogger’s quote made me think and inspired this post.

“When I started, I never knew coffee could taste good,” said Reithmaier, 31, one of the region’s more prolific bloggers about the coffee scene. “And now I enjoy bringing that experience to other people, who can learn to love coffee, too.” This is how he hopes to convert residents in the District — one cup at a time.