Day 2 – Long Walk Home

As we go about the world, everything we meet and everything we see and hear and touch, far from defiling, purifies us and plants in us something more of contemplation and of heaven.

Thomas Merton


I walked home from work today. A three hour stroll along unknown streets. I ambled across the Capitol lawn, snaked up through Noma, and wandered around Eckington, Bloomingdale, and Shaw.

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No rush. No map. Just seeing, hearing, and touching everything that I could.

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I listened to my body, resting when tired, snacking when hungry, changing into sneakers when dress shoes began to pinch. And now I am home. No deep meditation or forced reflection. Just gratitude and wonder.

I wonder how the path walked me, shaped me in ways I don’t yet know, purified me from the expectation for anything more than the gift of a long walk home.

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