Day 9 – Fly Spirit Airlines (and enjoy it)


Everyone said it would be bad. But it was actually quite pleasant.

Yesterday I flew Spirit Airlines for the first time. The waiting area was quiet and relaxed, and passengers boarded patiently. There was no standing on the jet bridge. The plane itself was comfortable, with leather seats and a clean feel. The flight attendants were friendlier than any I’ve seen in awhile, including one who cracked jokes about charging extra for the oxygen mask.

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Hands-down everyone told me I’d regret flying Spirit. I’ve heard enough horror stories to believe I got a lucky break. Or maybe the airline has upped its game. Regardless, the worst part of my flight was the anticipation. I came to the airport dreading the experience before I even had it. Again, I don’t doubt the reviews, but I spent a great deal of energy anticipating that could have been spent enjoying the moment.

Just before we took off the pilot gave us a preview of the flight. He said we’d hit turbulence at the eastern edge of a front. My anxiety shot up. I hate bumpy rides. But despite a little chop, the flight was fairly smooth. Again, I’m not dismissing the pilot’s assessment. I just realize that sometimes the battle is fought in anticipation and dread, but it could be dispensed in the experience of the moment.

How might I learn to unclinch my emotions, to embrace what comes, and to be free in the present? That’s a spiritual task I suppose. And maybe Spirit Airlines helped me in this endeavor.